How Did Your Security Company Score On Their ACS Audit?

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The Government’s Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is far more than just ‘Pass or Fail’ criteria. Every Company is given a score which displays how well they have performed during their audit.

A voluntary scheme, the ACS involves an annual audit of the Security Company, verified by independent auditors, assessing 78 achievement indicators. These indicators include diverse topics such as training, policies and Company Management; the higher the score achieved, the better the quality of the Company.

Where does your Security Company Fit in the Pyramid ?

Advantage One Security’s latest Audit in August was conducted by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the NSI awarded Advantage One 120 points, placing them again in the Top 10% of all Security Companies in the UK.

James Haigh, Managing Director of Advantage One said; “the quality of our Company is the very centre of who we are and our accreditation standards prove to our Customers that we make every effort in being the best we can be. I am proud that we again been awarded this high score, placing us in the top 10% of Security Companies, it is testament to the hard work carried out by not only our Security Officers, but our Management Team too”

IBIS World reports there are 6,297 Private Security Services in the UK. Out of this; only 838 are SIA Approved Contractors (as of March 2022) and out of this Advantage One Security are the Top 10% of these companies, for another year running.

“Most people don’t know there is a score which goes with the badge”

Mr Haigh continued: “Promoting the Scoring of the ACS is important to show how serious the Security Company takes how they do the job and in reality I think that most people; Security Buyers, don’t know that there is a score which goes with the badge – we like to do the job to the best of our ability and showing that we’re in the Top 10% helps us prove that”.

The SIA encourages Customers to understand the ACS Scheme on their website and asking how your company has performed at their last audit, you can review the scores of your Security Company, comparing their score against Advantage One Security’s 120 points. You can also find out if a company is approved on their register of approved companies. You can find Advantage One Security’s registry here.

The National Security Inspectorate has also awarded Advantage One Security ‘Gold’ for Guarding; it is recommended that you check the standards of the company you employ to secure what matters most. Those who buy security can check the SIA’s guide, with a few points to consider when choosing a supplier.

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