London Policing College

The role played by the security industry in managing crime and disorder has become increasingly complex. Advantage One have been specially trained by the London Policing College to support the police in their investigative process through an appropriate initial response.

Training provided by the London Policing College has enabled us to consider and reflect on the skills we already have, and to enhance those skills within the National Policing Curriculum.

This unique qualification has provided Advantage One officers with the ability to understand the terminology and expectations of responding police officers and enable a more efficient and effective handover of information and evidence, thus supporting a successful investigation and outcome.

So not only can we support in deterring criminal activity against your business, but we can also support when a criminal act has been committed – ensuring that you have the response you expect, and the criminal conviction you deserve.

At Advantage One, we are proud to hold this unique qualification which reinforces why we are in the 10% of security providers in the UK – we invest in our business and people to deliver the outcomes you desire.