Safeguarding Our Customers

According to the London Metropolitan Police, having a well-installed and well-maintained Intruder Alarm System reduces the likelihood of experiencing a burglary.

An efficiently managed and monitored alarm system can offer you the highest level of protection.

No matter what your specific needs are, our in-house Design Engineers will collaborate with you to create a custom and cost-effective security system to ensure your safety.

We employ cutting-edge technology to provide an innovative solution that can identify and monitor unauthorized entry effectively.

We also seamlessly integrate with CCTV, Access Control Systems, and video analytics to enhance both crime prevention and detection.

The true worth of an Intruder Alarm System becomes evident only when it triggers an alarm. When you choose Connect Monitoring, you can count on a swift response to any alarm activation.

To assure you of our quality, we adhere to European standards for intrusion and hold-up alarm systems, including BS 4737, DD 243, PD 662, and BS 8243. Your security is our top priority.

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