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The latest Retail Crime Statistics show that, the total direct cost of Retail Crime has risen over the last year, to over £700 Million! But worse still; the rate of reported violence has doubled.

Our Advantage One Retail and Loss Prevention team specialise in and provide a professional service across the UK.

Advantage One:

Protects your People – Protects your Profits – Protects your Reputation

  • Visual Deterrent or Covert Operatives
  • Significantly reduce and recover lost profit in your retail business (ask
    us about the civil recovery scheme)
  • Improve your line of defence against stock loss from shoplifting/staff theft/and internal shrinkage
  • Not only can we provide the solution to the problem, but we can also help identify it in the first place as to where your weaknesses are and how they are being exploited
  • We can then provide manned and electronic security solutions to help combat the problem.

We estimate that 50% of retail losses come from within the business. Advantage One can provide specialist staff to work as Covert Members of staff to determine areas of loss from within or more overt team members who can perform staff and vehicle searches at your locations removing the risk to your management team.

Advantage One also provides a professional Civil Recovery Scheme, where the persons caught are financially held to account for their actions, to recover the costs. This is proving to be a big success and is designed to recover the costs in dealing with that incident. This service can also be used to recover ‘Bad Debts’ or losses incurred from Staff Theft. Employee Theft grew by 36% since the BRC’s 2016 survey.

Uniformed Security
Perfect for your shop floor, our Retail Security officers are smart and professional and customer care is paramount. They provide an approachable presence, yet will oversee your customers and ensure theft is the last thing on anyone’s mind! Our current satisfaction survey results show a 94% satisfaction
Store Detective
Our plain clothed Covert Officers are trained to identify risks and potential offenders, observing and tracking them and liaising with the police. They are able to mix with the crowds, detecting and apprehending shoplifters without giving away their presence; this can help reduce the success of shoplifters and reduce the impact on your bottom line. Our statistics show adding a Store Detective can provide five times more return on investment than uniformed security alone.
Covert Operatives
Unfortunately, not all of your theft will come from your customers, some will sadly be committed by your own staff. We estimate that around 50% of your losses come from Employees. Our covert operatives are able to gather information on internal stock theft, both through electronic surveillance footage and by working undercover as part of your team gathering the intelligence you require.

Quite simply we tailor a security package to suit your needs and resolve your issues. Our team are highly trained to handle varying situations and will report or act on their findings at the time.

And in addition, using our Civil Recovery Scheme, we can also help recover your losses.

Internal Investigation
Sometimes it isn’t obvious where or how you are losing stock; whether it is an internal or external threat. Our investigators will get to know you, your business and your processes and carry out compliance checks on your procedures. They will report their findings and then provide solutions to stock loss issues, determining and reducing weaknesses that are being exploited. They will also create and implement any new processes required.
Retail security is a cost-effective solution that can help increase profits and prevent losses. If you are interested in Manned or Electronic Security for your retail outlet, please complete our contact form, call us on 0800 328 1386 or email

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In the event shoplifting does occur, or if you have suffered losses from staff theft, we also offer a civil recovery service to help you recover the loss and the associated costs.