ONE-CALL Security Solution

Alarm activations: These can happen at any time, whether it be day or night and it is not always easy or possible or fully safe to ask one of your Colleagues to attend.

Advantage One has Highly Visible, Mobile Response Vehicle available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Driven by fully trained SIA approved Alarm Response Operatives.

If you have a communicated alarm; take the risk and hassle out of using your own people and use Advantage One Security.

Safety: The primary purpose of an alarm is to protect your home or business from an intruder, in the event of an alarm activation, you may not want to put yourself or employees into a situation that may risk their safety. Advantage One Alarm Response Operatives are professionally trained in dealing with all sorts of Emergency Situations and SIA licensed in how to deal with confrontation.

Mobile Security Patrols: Advantage One provide Highly VisibleMobile Security Patrols. These can be as often, as or little as you require, to meet your budget / security plan.

Key holding Lock / Unlock can also be used to help protect your workforce, by using our service to lock up your property, or Key Holder Support; accompany lone workers off the premises during lock-up; you can be assured that your staff are escorted by hi-visibility trained People, that check in with our Control Room, that gives an extra layer of security.

What happens if alarm activation occurs?
On notification that there has been alarm activation at your property, Advantage One will:

  • Attend your property in a Hi Visibility Alarm Response Vehicle
  • Carry out an external inspection of the property; completing a dynamic Risk Assessment and call Emergency Services for support if necessary.
  • Access the premises
  • Identify the cause of the activation
  • Rectify the problem or provide guard attendance until secured. We call this our ONE-CALL service

If there is an intruder, the Alarm Response Officer will contact the police, detain the intruder if safe to do so, and wait for their arrival. As well as arrange for any necessary repairs to be carried out, if required. We can ensure that presence remains at the property until it is fully secure.
Advantage One has Response Officers on call 24hrs a day to assist your needs.

Alarm Response
Our Alarm Response team is in place, providing a fast response, with professional help to any emergency or perceived emergency. This could be fire, flood, alarm activation or intruders. We will respond to alarm activations, liaise with the police and your alarm supplier to re-secure the premises, depending on your tailored service; we can clear debris and provide temporary security to windows / doors.
We deploy Uniformed Officers to the site in a high-visible vehicle so that your employees don’t have to respond. We will then secure the premises, where possible and provide a full report on the visit, including Officer movement records to ensure you are fully up-to-speed. What’s more, in the event your alarm goes off by mistake, we’ll work with you and your alarm supplier to repair the fault so that it doesn’t keep creating a problem.
We understand that an early response is key, and can make the difference between damage limitation and destruction of your property, thereby diverting potential costly and time-consuming insurance claims. Our Alarm Response team work in conjunction with our 24-hour control room, so you are safe in the knowledge that we will meet your security requirements.
Unlock / Lock Services
Access codes and key controlling is essential in a Security Plan, but very often this becomes the weak point, as it can be easily overlooked. Is your Recording up-to-date; who has had access to keys, codes and who they have been shared with?
Advantage One has an unlock / lock service, where subject to your strict opening and closing criteria, we arrive on site to facilitate your needs. This means your staff don’t need to hold the keys or codes. Be covered in the event of staff sickness and holiday and you know your building will be reliably secured with codes not disclosed to anyone unless you authorise it.

“We highly recommend that when you have staff that leave for whatever reason; user IDs and accounts are removed or suspended from the system”.
Advantage One can provide further guidance if required.

Key Holding
We understand the logistics, issues and risks with using your own employees as Key Holders. This is why more companies are now opting to manage this risk, by outsourcing their key holding to a professional Security Company. Advantage One’s service can be utilised for locking or unlocking of your premises, or our escort access service may be deployed to accompany your People, whilst accessing your site, for emergency call outs / break ins, increasing their personal safety, or leave it to us and we’ll send you the report in the morning.

We work in line with BS7984 ensuring that we
are able to manage your key holding requirements safely and effectively.

Mobile Security Patrols

Not everyone needs, or can afford a full-time Security Officer, at the weekend or overnight, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t security considerations to make.
Advantage One operate Mobile Security Patrols at agreed intervals through these periods to check your premises and maintain security, without requiring a full time service.
Not only does this ensure you don’t have to worry, but it can also provide a deterrent to criminals who see the high-visible Security Vehicles. Accurate data on all the visits will be provided and we are also able to provide inspection reports and Officer movement records.
Gilbert the Guards Top Tip
Who’s watching your property when your not there?
Small things from mail, papers, parcels or milk deliveries give an indication to an empty property. Our patrols will make sure these are cleared and your property is left as per your own tailored security plan to meet your needs.

Body Cams – Did you know?
Our Mobile Response Officer not only use tracked vehicles, but also wear body cams, which provides transparency and further protection for both you and us.
Alarm Response services can help prevent a crime in progress, saving you hassle and money without the cost of full-time staff. If you are interested in this security measure for your business, please contact form, call us on 0800 328 1386 or email

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In the event shoplifting does occur, or you have incurred a loss by theft of Employee, or even a bad debt; we also offer a Civil Recovery Service, alongside services supplied by BPE, to help you recover your losses.