Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a permanent position?

Yes. We very rarely advertise for a temporary role. We find that good service time, helps to improves experience.

Do you pay my Tax?

Yes. Every employee of Advantage One is PAYE.

Do I get Holiday Pay?

Of course; you will receive a minimum of 5.6 weeks, calculated as 28 days a year, based on your average worked hours.

Is my hard work and professional attitude recognised?

Absolutely. We very much reward all of our Employees, identifying those who particularly stand out, as long as you don’t mind a little fame.

Do I have to buy my own Uniform?

Absolutely not. We supply all of our People with the Uniform and Equipment they need to do their job, in all conditions and all weathers.

How often will I get paid?

We pay our Employees monthly, on the 15th for the moth previous.

Will you help me work safely during COVID?

We supply all of our people with a variety of PPE to perform their duties effectively and safely.

Will you give me Training?

Will you give me Training? All Employees, Managers, Security Officers, even Trainers, will begin their career designing a 12 week Training Plan, with their Field/Line Manager.

Do I need an SIA License?

Depending on your Job Role, it will most likely mean that you will need a SIA License. E.g. a Security Officer.

Do I get a Pension?

Yes. A combined 8% contribution into a Pension.

Are there any Company Benefits?

We have a great reward and recognition scheme, with Gym membership, free Movies and even ‘weekly treats’.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit our career Page

Start your journey by visiting our career page


Apply for A Job

Apply for a position from our Job listing by visiting our Opportunities page


After your application is received, we will contact you for interview if your application is selected.