Exciting times at Advantage One as we progress in to an era of passed growth due to the success of our retail security team.

Our Civil Recovery scheme that recovers the costs incurred by our clients from third parties (i.e. shoplifters or damaged caused) is also seeing increased success as the word is getting round we take legal action to recover the debt. If you are a business that is suffering stock loss feel free to talk to us in confidence as there a number of scenarios we provide to catch thieves, whether they be staff or people entering your premises acting as customers or just entering with intent.

Our corporate teams are also busy looking after the front desks of many blue chip companies, often not attaining the glory of the retail team but all doing a good job monitoring who is coming and going, on foot or vehicle and keeping our clients assets safe on some sites this includes IP (intellectual property) that if taken could cost our clients huge potential loses.

Then we have the reactive one call response where the guys and girls work 24/7 responding to panic alarms and intruder alarms whether it be for medical centres or business premises we are there to support you and assist in securing your staff and buildings.

With out blowing our own trumpet, these are just a few of the high quality services we provide that provide our clients with value for money.

From all of us at A1 head office we would like to say thank you to the teams who may not always see us but we appreciate your efforts.

For anyone out there who is thinking of security in any form we look forward to hearing from you and providing the best price and service for you.