It is the duty of our Company to train, promote and enforce Cyber security and Communications, ensuring clear Rules and Codes of Conduct are established and adhered to, regarding the operation and use of IT equipment, systems and platforms, with the intention of creating a Professional, Secure and Intelligent environment. This guideline will define both as a Business and those expected from every Employee. We will clearly with Best Practice create ideas to help provide a safe and stable environment that is protected against Cyber security and Cyber threats to the business.


This Cyber security guide applies to all Employees of Advantage One Security, including the extension of your responsibilities outside of work. This Guide covers the use of Personal, Customer or Company equipment and systems, including the use of phones, computers, tablets or smart-phones, or any system capable of operating; Internet, Customer Reporting systems, Social Media, Email, Telephone Calls, A.I.P., IT Networks and general computing & communication systems.