Egypt Air Hijack

Egypt Air Hijack

Hey guys, How are you all? Did you read about the Egypt Air plane that was hijacked? Read on to find out more… Gilbert the Guard aka Security Meister Fake hijack; what does it mean for future security? On Tuesday 29th March 2016, a domestic Egypt Air flight was forced to be diverted to Larnaca airport in Cyprus after reports claimed that the aircraft was hijacked. After a tense negotiation period, the hijacker, who was reported to be wearing an explosive vest, released all of the passengers and surrendered himself to the authorities. In an interesting twist of events, it was reported by airline officials that the vest the hijacker was wearing was a fake and that one of the motives of the hijacker was to get in contact with his estranged wife. The incident was later ruled out as not terrorism-related. Although this six hour siege ended peacefully, what does it mean for airport security especially after the tragic events at the Brussels airport the week before? It is more than likely that the security procedures in all airports will be stepped up within a matter of days, if not hours. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
Event Security

Event Security

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We are finally starting to see signs of spring, which means that there will be loads of great events coming up really soon! Planning an event? Read on to find out more about our event security…

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Keep your events safe with quality security

With the start of spring and summer almost here, there are bound to be some really exciting events not long behind. Whether you are planning a large or small event, the last thing you really want to worry about is security, but employing experienced security guards might mean that your event can run smoothly without any disturbances.

Our event security services can include:

Stewards and Corporate Stewards
Crowd Management / Event Control Officers
Event Managers
SIA Door Supervisors
Search Teams
Response Teams
Pit Crews
Back Stage Security Staff
VIP Protection
We also offer an event consultation service that helps you plan effective security for your event from the word go.

For more information about our event security, please visit our website here.

FBI raises concern over iPhone hack

FBI raises concern over iPhone hack

Hi guys, The FBI recently hacked an iPhone 5c and was able to access data which has left users feeling concerned about their data security. Read on to find out more. Gilbert the Guard aka your friendly neighbourhood security guard FBI hack leaves consumers feeling uncertain about their iPhone security The FBI has recently revealed that they were able to access important information from an iPhone 5c, which was running on operating system iOS 9. Although they were able to access information from the San Bernardino terrorist, iPhone users have been left feeling a little insecure about the security of their data. Apple did not comment on the hack directly however the company told reporters that if there is a new vulnerability in the iOS software they will find out what it is. Have you ever experienced an issue with your phone security or had your phone hacked? Please leave your comments below.
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Human arrow leads the way to robbers

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Have you heard about the group of children who were dubbed ‘the tremendous 12’? Check them out, they’re amazing…

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“Tremendous 12’ form human arrow to help police find thieves

Footage of twelve children forming a human arrow, to help police helicopters catch two fleeing burglars, wasreleased on April 1st 2016 by the Surrey Police.The children aged between six and twelve, who have since been dubbed the ‘tremendous 12’ had been taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday when they noticed the police helicopter above. The helicopter had been called by Surrey Police after reports of intruders in a disused building.

The human arrow, which was first thought to have been an April Fool’s Day prank when released by the Police department, successfully directed the helicopter to the suspects, who were caught.Describing the event, a nine-year-old girl told reporters “It was really noisy and we could see it said ‘police’ on the bottom. Then we saw a man running along the side of the field. We could see him but the helicopter couldn’t because it was hovering over the woods.”

The girl continued to explain the event “We saw the man take off his jumper and put it around his head. Then he dropped it and ran off into the woods and we pointed and shouted at the helicopter, ‘He’s gone that way!’”

As the helicopter was pointing in the opposite direction the children decided to make an arrow. “Two of my friends said, “Let’s get into an arrow” and we got into position on the ground.”

The children also said that they feel ‘proud’ of their actions – I bet, very well done to the ‘tremendous twelve’!